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The Osbournes (2002)  link to The Osbournes on IMDb  

Nummer: 130

poster The Osbournes

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Land: USA, 22 minuter

Språk: Engelska

Genre(s): Komedi, Musik

Regissör: Katherine Brooks

Each episode shows us scenes from the real life of a typical multimillionaire middle-aged heavy-metal rock star with two teenagers, a shopaholic wife that's the real head of the house, a large stable of unruly pets, and some of the many people they meet up with. Events include teen daughter Kelly secretly getting a tattoo; run-ins with noisy neighbors; and preparations for a concert tour.


photo Sharon Osbourne Sharon Osbourne
photo Jack Osbourne Jack Osbourne
photo Kelly Osbourne Kelly Osbourne
photo Ozzy Osbourne Ozzy Osbourne

Medium: Okänd,

Plats: L 1 2

Utlånad: Nej

Format: Unknown