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En vampyrs bekännelse (1994)  link to En vampyrs bekännelse on IMDb  

Nummer: 154

poster En vampyrs bekännelse

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Land: USA, 123 minuter

Språk: Engelska, Franska

Genre(s): Drama, Fantasy

Regissör: Neil Jordan

It hadn't even been a year since a plantation owner named Louis had lost his wife in childbirth. Both his wife and the infant died, and now he has lost his will to live. A vampire named Lestat takes a liking to Louis and offers him the chance to become a creature of the night: a vampire. Louis accepts, and Lestat drains Louis' mortal blood and then replaces it with his own, turning Louis into a vampire. Louis must learn from Lestat the ways of the vampire.


photo Brad Pitt Brad Pitt
photo Christian Slater Christian Slater
photo John McConnell John McConnell
photo Tom Cruise Tom Cruise
photo Bellina Logan Bellina Logan

Medium: Okänd,

Plats: L 2 1

Utlånad: Nej

Format: Unknown