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De drabbade (2003)  link to De drabbade on IMDb  

Nummer: 162

poster De drabbade

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Land: Sweden, 60 minuter

Språk: Danska, Svenska, Norska, Finska

Genre(s): Triller, Drama, Skräck, Mysterium

Regissör: Måns Mårlind

One night a nameless force sweeps over Sweden, and scattered over the country are a few chosen, who are gifted with supernatural powers. These powers are the exact opposite to what the biggest issue in their lives are - the woman unable to give birth to a child gains the ability to heal dead people. A White Leader and a Black Leader seek out these people, to prepare for the final battle between good and evil.


photo Lia Boysen Lia Boysen
photo Eric Ericson Eric Ericson
photo Paprika Steen Paprika Steen
photo Eva Röse Eva Röse
photo Lotta Karlge Lotta Karlge

Medium: Okänd,

Plats: L 2 1

Utlånad: Nej

Format: Unknown