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Jag dödade min mamma (2009)  link to Jag dödade min mamma on IMDb  

Nummer: 328

poster Jag dödade min mamma

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Även känd som: J'ai tué ma mère (original title)

Land: Canada, 96 minuter

Språk: Franska

Genre(s): Biografi, Drama

Regissör: Xavier Dolan

Teenager Hubert haughtily regards his mother with contempt, and only sees her tacky sweaters and kitsch decorations. In addition to these irritating surface details, there is also his parent's cherished mechanisms of manipulation and guilt. Confused by this love/hate relationship that obsesses him more and more each day, Hubert drifts through the mysteries of adolescence - artistic discoveries, illicit experiences, the opening-up to friendship, and ostracism. The turbulent relationship between mother and son unfolds with a compelling combination of savage fury and melting affection. The stunning, semi-autobiographical directing debut of 20-year-old actor Xavier Dolan.


photo Xavier Dolan Xavier Dolan
photo François Arnaud François Arnaud
photo Suzanne Clément Suzanne Clément
photo Anne Dorval Anne Dorval
photo Patricia Tulasne Patricia Tulasne

Medium: BluRay disc,

Utlånad: Nej

Format: 1.85:1