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Arvet (2003)  link to Arvet on IMDb  

Nummer: 37

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Land: Denmark, 115 minuter

Språk: Franska, Danska, Svenska, Norska

Genre(s): Drama

Regissör: Per Fly

A young Danish man, Christoffer, lives a life of joy and happiness with his wife Maria in Stockholm. When his father dies his mother insists that Christoffer take over management of the family industry which is in danger of bankruptcy. He is torn between his chosen life and his sense of duty to his family and its past. When he chooses to step in as manager his family life and self-respect languish.


photo Ulrich Thomsen Ulrich Thomsen
photo Lisa Werlinder Lisa Werlinder
photo Ghita Nørby Ghita Nørby
photo Jesper Christensen Jesper Christensen
photo Karina Skands Karina Skands

Medium: Okänd,

Utlånad: Nej

Format: Unknown