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Fjällbackamorden: I betraktarens öga (2012)  link to Fjällbackamorden: I betraktarens öga on IMDb  

Nummer: 428

poster Fjällbackamorden: I betraktarens öga

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Även känd som: Camilla Läckberg: Fjällbackamorden - I Betraktarens Öga

Land: Sweden, 88 minuter

Språk: Svenska

Genre(s): Brott

Regissör: Jörgen Bergmark

Erica's sister Anna is visiting at the same time as the TV program "Antiques cubed" is in town to record at the castle in Fjällbacka. When Anna runs into the TV host for the show, Claes Wager, sparks quickly evolve into a flirt between the two of them. During preparation at the castle Anna is the one to find Linda Hamrin unconscious from an overdose of medicine. Both Erica and Patrik are dragged into the case when only a day later a man, Hasse Wennerman, is killed and the rumors of an affair that led to Linda's overdose spiral up into a big conflict. The old painting, Hasse Wennerman brought to the antique show, is also missing and when it is found among Annas belongings, Erica gets a hard time trying to prove her sisters innocence.


photo Claudia Galli Claudia Galli Erica Falck
photo Richard Ulfsäter Richard Ulfsäter Patrik Hedström
photo Sofia Zouagui Sofia Zouagui Anna Falck
photo Ellen Stenman Göransson Ellen Stenman Göransson Maja
photo Pamela Cortes Bruna Pamela Cortes Bruna Paula

Medium: BluRay disc,

Utlånad: Nej

Format: 1.78:1