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Nummer: 464

poster Fjällbackamorden: Strandridaren

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Även känd som: Fjällbackamorden: Strandridaren

Land: Sweden, 88 minuter

Språk: Svenska

Genre(s): Brott

Regissör: Rickard Petrelius

The young coast guard and diver Jessica finds two dead scuba divers after a storm. She disagrees with her superiors that it was an accident and seeks the help of her childhood friend Patrik. Patrik and Erica, who are on their way to a romantic holiday, make a detour to the beautiful village of Kungshamn. They soon become involved in the case. Erica hides her real identity as the policemans wife and is invited to join the museum association. Already during the first meeting she attends the associations chairman is found murdered... The three deaths are now officially opened for investigation, and the common denominator between the victims seems to have been an interest in the wreckage of a 1820s ship. Did somebody finally find it? And what cargo did it carry? What caused the ship to sink?


photo Claudia Galli Claudia Galli Erica Falck
photo Richard Ulfsäter Richard Ulfsäter Patrick Hedström
photo Annika Hallin Annika Hallin Tinkan
photo Eva Fritjofson Eva Fritjofson Kristina
photo Pamela Cortes Bruna Pamela Cortes Bruna Paula

Medium: BluRay disc,

Utlånad: Nej

Format: Unknown