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ShadowBox (2005)  link to ShadowBox on IMDb  

Nummer: 55

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Land: USA, 95 minuter

Språk: Engelska

Genre(s): Skräck

Regissör: Philip Adrian Booth

In the tradition of original ground breaking psychological thrillers such as Jacob's Ladder, Deliverance and Sixth Sense comes this unusual tale of rivetting terror and suspense! A thought provoking story about the darkest Shadow cast from the brightest light in the world, the Human Soul! Set in DARKWOOD, APPALACHIA, we enter the macabre world of Ian Willows, a young man existing in a state of delirium inside an insane asylum. He is afraid of everything, even his own shadow, but that is the terrifying point! We journey through the bizarre and unsettling events that may have led him to madness. An abusive childhood growing up on the outskirts of a small towns slaughterhouse unveils the strange suicide of his twisted mother and father. We join Ian as he plummet s downward into the INFERNO, barely surviving the mind blowing plot that twists and turns all dimensions of reality. We start to realize that Ian might just be the only one that is actually sane at all! Each character casts a new shadow on what may have happened, beckoning us to continue on, if we dare at the edge of our seats. The story centers on the discovery of a strange tomb like box found buried in the dense Appalachian forest, leaving behind a decaying trail of dark shadow murders. This brings in the local police as well as Dr. Virgil Nichols, a psychologist well known for his published articles "The Shadow Within" a disturbing discovery of the Dark Side, hidden within us all! He wrestles with an obsession for this legendary box, revealing the Appalachian folklore tale of how the locals used to lock their children inside to teach them to face their so called "demons", they named this the SHADOWBOX! This leads Dr. Nichols to Ian and the ungodly collective shadow of the HILL-FOLK of DARKWOOD! As with all dark there is light. Ginny May, a beautiful hillbilly girl soon appears as an angelic yet haunting link that unravels the shattering truth behind it all. Ian, Dr. Nichols, Ginny May as well as the twisted Ma Willows and Preacher Pa are shocking reminders of the horrors one can conjure up when pushed beyond the realm of sanity and evil! Leaving us trembling , changed forever, feeling just how scared we can be of our own SHADOWBOX


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Medium: Okänd,

Plats: L 1 1

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Format: Unknown