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Solstorm (2007)  link to Solstorm on IMDb  

Nummer: 582

poster Solstorm

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Land: Sweden, 103 minuter

Språk: Svenska

Genre(s): Triller, Mysterium

Regissör: Leif Lindblom

While in a party promoted by her chief and friend Måns Wenngren, the fiscal attorney, Rebecka Martinsson, receives a call from her former sister-in-law, Sanna Strandgård, telling that her brother and preacher Viktor was murdered, stabbed and with severed hands, and she would be arrested. Rebecka heads to her hometown Kiruna and defends Sanna, but the evidences found by the police in her house prove her guilty and she is arrested. While investigating the crime, Rebecka is haunted by her past and faces the bigoted and fanatic religious dwellers that worship the local church, and is more convinced of the innocence of Sanna.


photo Izabella Scorupco Izabella Scorupco Rebecka Martinsson
photo Mikael Persbrandt Mikael Persbrandt Thomas Söderberg
photo Jakob Eklund Jakob Eklund Måns
photo Krister Henriksson Krister Henriksson Olof Strandgård
photo André Sjöberg André Sjöberg Viktor Strandgård

Medium: BluRay disc,

Utlånad: Nej

Format: Unknown