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Nummer: 595

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Även känd som: The Girl Who Played with Fire (English title)

Land: Sweden, 129 minuter

Språk: Franska, Italienska, Svenska

Genre(s): Triller, Drama, Brott, Mysterium

Regissör: Daniel Alfredson

Mikael Blomkvist, publisher of Millennium magazine, has made his living exposing the crooked and corrupt practices of establishment Swedish figures. So when a young journalist approaches him with a meticulously researched thesis about sex trafficking in Sweden and those in high office who abuse underage girls, Blomkvist immediately throws himself into the investigation.


photo Michael Nyqvist Michael Nyqvist Mikael Blomkvist
photo Noomi Rapace Noomi Rapace Lisbeth Salander
photo Lena Endre Lena Endre Erika Berger
photo Peter Andersson Peter Andersson Nils Bjurman
photo Annika Hallin Annika Hallin Annika Giannini

Medium: Digital Kopia,

Plats: DVD 1:3

Utlånad: Nej

Format: 1.85:1