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Tommy (2014)  link to Tommy on IMDb  

Nummer: 643

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Land: Sweden, 92 minuter

Språk: Svenska

Genre(s): Triller

Regissör: Tarik Saleh

A week before Christmas, Estelle lands at Arlanda Airport. A year earlier, she had left Stockholm on the run with her husband Tommy and their daughter, after Tommy had taken part in one of the biggest robberies ever in the history of Swedish crime. Estelle seeks out Tommy's former cronies and claims that Tommy is on his way home. And he wants his share of the take. Word spreads like wildfire through Stockholm's underworld. If Tommy returns, the city will explode. And if he doesn't ... something even worse might happen. TOMMY is the story of the woman behind the man behind the headlines. A modern myth about when the Queen returned and the city burned. About two sisters, two mothers, three daughters and their men.


photo Moa Gammel Moa Gammel Estelle
photo Lykke Li Lykke Li Blanca
photo Ola Rapace Ola Rapace Bobby
photo Mahmut Suvakci Mahmut Suvakci Chef
photo Alexej Manvelov Alexej Manvelov Matte

Medium: BluRay disc,

Utlånad: Nej

Format: 1.85:1