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The Hours (2002)  link to The Hours on IMDb  

Nummer: 695

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Land: USA, 114 minuter

Språk: Engelska

Genre(s): Drama

Regissör: Stephen Daldry

In 1951, Laura Brown, a pregnant housewife, is planning a party for her husband, but she can't stop reading the novel 'Mrs. Dalloway'. Clarissa Vaughn, a modern woman living in present times is throwing a party for her friend Richard, a famous author dying of AIDS. These two stories are simultaneously linked to the work and life of Virginia Woolf, who's writing the novel mentioned before.


photo Meryl Streep Meryl Streep Clarissa Vaughan
photo Julianne Moore Julianne Moore Laura Brown
photo Nicole Kidman Nicole Kidman Virginia Woolf
photo Ed Harris Ed Harris Richard Brown
photo Toni Collette Toni Collette Kitty

Medium: BluRay disc,

Utlånad: Nej

Format: 1.85:1