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Nummer: 704

poster Sin City

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Land: USA, 124 minuter

Språk: Engelska

Genre(s): Triller, Brott

Regissör: Frank Miller, Robert Rodriguez, Quentin Tarantino

Four tales of crime adapted from Frank Miller's popular comics, focusing around a muscular brute who's looking for the person responsible for the death of his beloved Goldie, a man fed up with Sin City's corrupt law enforcement who takes the law into his own hands after a horrible mistake, a cop who risks his life to protect a girl from a deformed pedophile, and a hitman looking to make a little cash.


photo Jessica Alba Jessica Alba Nancy Callahan
photo Devon Aoki Devon Aoki Miho
photo Alexis Bledel Alexis Bledel Becky
photo Powers Boothe Powers Boothe Senator Roark
photo Jude Ciccolella Jude Ciccolella Liebowitz

Medium: BluRay disc,

Utlånad: Nej

Format: 1.85:1